Swag is awesome.
Managing it sucks.

Swag giveaways that get you more sales calls, more community members, and more shoutouts on social while you do NONE of the work.

Jasmine gave away 302 items and 65 individuals chose to Tweet about it!
That’s a 21.5% conversion rate.
No more ‘packing parties’ or trips to the post office for New Story Charity.
“We’re saving 30 hours a month!”
Emily had a tight deadline and a custom project that had to be perfect.
THE unboxing experience.

Happy customers with extra time and empty swag closets.


Empty your swag closet and fill up ours.

Whether you already have swag taking up that extra closet or kitchen table, or you want to order from us – we’ll handle it all.


Send out a link and get back to doing what you were hired for.

Quit gathering names, addresses, and addresses. Send a link and you’re done. Yes, you can finally delete that spreadsheet.


Swag that grows your sales and community engagement

Your people claim their swag and then take unique actions for you. Ask them to Tweet, join your Discord, Leave a G2 review, or hop on a Calendly sales call. Endless possibilities.

Features & Benefits

Your brand is at the center of the experience.

From the giveaway page, to the packaging and inserts, everything feels like you. Slingshot will take a backseat and help your brand shine!

We manage everything so you can focus on you.

We manufacture, store, and ship everything to anyone world-wide. We handle the customer service, vendor conversations, and customs discussions.

Each giveaway can serve a unique purpose.

From one giveaway to the next, you can make a unique call-to-action that serves that audience. Get tweets, grow your discord community, sell more. Up to you.

We can clear out your existing swag closet.

If you have your own swag, you can ship it to us and we’ll use it in your swag giveaways. Reclaim your office!

You can limit the number of giveaways.

If you only have a certain amount of products we can limit your forms to cut off after that limit has been reached.

Only the best swag for you and your community.

We only work with top vendors, and offer swag that will be the most cherished in your customer or employee’s collection.

Get some free swag and test it out!