swag for marketing professionals

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Send swag. Get shoutouts.


You send a link.

Send a link to anyone anywhere via Slack, Discord, email, or carrier pigeon.


They redeem swag.

It only takes 15 seconds to fill out the form and claim their swag.


They do something for you.

They can do something for you in return. In this case, we ask for a Tweet.

How Marketers use Slingshot.

Swag redemption platform.

Sit back and watch the magic happen – just share a link and your recipients can redeem their swag. We’ll handle the rest, from storage to shipping, so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience with zero effort on your end.

Bulk swag ordering for events and conferences.

You can wave goodbye to storage concerns as we take care of all shipping logistics to and from your conference. Simply sit back and relax, we’ll handle the rest with ease.

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