Introducing Loops cereal, which wakes you up with more than just amazing email campaigns.

Y Combinator-backed Loops wanted swag that complemented their unique approach to what they do, helping companies build the most effective and beautiful email campaigns.


When Loops approached Slingshot to do swag, they wanted to explore items that would make them stand out. This meant not just coming up with unique swag but also brainstorming unique ways to release that swag into the wild.

We’ve gotten good at pitching customers on crazy ideas, but convincing them to take that ‘risk’ is understandably tough. Most companies make safe bets because safe bets have predictable outcomes. Luckily, Loops was excited to be along for our wild ride, and we were just as hyped.


We began to pitch some ideas internally with the Slingshot crew before landing on our winner. We’d like to say that our pitch to Loops was that magical blend of professional and clever. But the reality went something like this: “Hey, so your email campaign company is named Loops. Go with us. What if we went went out and created Loops cereal?!’

We expected crickets but instead got a resounding YES. And so we got to work!

Sourcing is never easy, but it’s always a fun adventure. We designed the artwork, found a vendor to produce the cereal boxes, sourced sealed cereal to fill the boxes—yep, actual cereal—and even came up with a cool prize to go inside! We landed on a 3D printed decoder ring that once decoded would unlock a second prize (a Loops hoodie). 

When the project came together, it really felt like magic. The boxes looked great, the cereal tasted amazing, and the decoder ring challenge was quirky and doable!


Loops decided that the best place to drop ‘cereal from an email company’ was none other than Product Hunt. It finished the day with over 100 votes and climbed all the way to 13th product of the day. We’re not talking about a new app or something. We’re talking about a box of cereal!

Get some free swag and test it out!

Happy customers with extra time and empty swag closets.