10 of the Most Fun Jobs In Atlanta (Most Are Hiring Right Now!)

Here are ten of the most fun jobs that we could find in Atlanta right now. And you want to know a secret? Most of these places are hiring!

Let’s be honest. 2020 hasn’t exactly been kind. It’s not a secret. And in times like these, it may seem like more things are being taken than are being given— the ease with which we send kids to school, the traditional experience of sports games, even something as simple as going to the movies on a Friday night. And some of the things that have been taken from us strike even harsher, deeper, more permanent chords. 

I mean, sure. There are aspects of our current day-to-day experiences that feel more akin to 80s dystopian blockbusters than they do to whatever it was we used to call normal.

But we keep showing up to work. We’re still logging hours, punching time clocks, chasing after deadlines, and and attending meetings (albeit virtually). And that likely isn’t going to change anytime soon. But there’s something else that remains the same these days too.

The gap between any ol’ job and a job that you love makes all the difference.

And while the notion of dream jobs can feel out of reach and a little pie-in-the-sky, here’s the truth: dream jobs exist. Fun jobs exist. Fun jobs in Atlanta exist. And we understand that the market is competitive. But there’s an honest to goodness job posting out there for someone to help take care of “the largest zoological collection of apes in the country”, and if that isn’t the coolest thing we’ve ever heard, then we don’t know what is.

Here are ten of the most fun jobs in Atlanta that we could find right now. And you want to know a secret? Most of these places are hiring! So if you’re interested in a change of pace,
. . . or if you’re in need of a new commute, 
. . . or if you’re desperate to try something new, 
then toss your name into the hat. I mean, sure, the requirements are specific. These job aren’t for everyone. But they are for some people. And one of those people could be you.

And if you aren’t looking to change jobs, then at least stop and consider what eleven year old you would’ve thought about being a ‘fight choreographer’ or a ‘video game designer’. And then sit in that wonder for a second or two. We can almost guarantee those wouldn’t be wasted seconds!

1. Keeper at Zoo Atlanta where the wondrous work of caring for over 200 unique species never stops


Image courtesy of Nikolay Tchaouchev 

What’s it like? Life as a Zoo Keeper is a lot of work, but it’s one of the most fun jobs we can imagine. Atlantans are proud of Zoo Atlanta (and of our twin baby pandas.) And even though certain restrictions are currently in place for COVID-19, the Zoo is still a great place to visit, to gush over all of the beautiful animals (furry, scaly, and otherwise), and learn about state-of-the-art conservation strategies.

How to get the job? Zoo Atlanta regularly posts job openings for public submission. A degree in biology, zoology, or animal behavior is a great starting point for those interested!

2. Groundskeeper at the stadium where the Falcons and Atlanta United call home

grayscale photo of man using laptop coding


Image courtesy of SBNation

What’s it like? Be one of the people responsible for making the Mercedes-Benz Stadium look like a million bucks . . . and by million, we really mean $1.5 billion which is what it took to build the thing in 2017. As part of their Groundskeeper team, you’d be part of a select group of people who maintain the place and assist with pre and post game fieldwork.

How to get the job? Check out the listing here, and see if you’re interested in one of the groundskeeper positions. They’re also looking for off-duty law enforcement officers to help with security! Both jobs would require some physical demand, so consider that if you’re interested in applying.

3. Ethical hacker on the frontlines on the information security industry

grayscale photo of man using laptop coding


Image courtesy of David Rangel

What’s it like? While pop-culture has traditionally portrayed hacking in a negative light, the information security industry is vital to an increasingly technological world—and will only continue to be so. Poking holes in software or forensically diagnosing breaches can be some of the most thrilling experiences for those so inclined.

How to get the job? Many Atlanta-based companies have great cybersecurity/information security teams. The retail giant Home Depot is based in the city and seems to always be hiring folks ready to break their software before the bad guys even get a chance. Getting one of the trusted Ethical Hacking certificates is the best way to prove that you know what you know.

4. Art Director at the cross-section of gaming, anime, and art

What’s it like? Do you love video games? Do you love art? Do you love casting vision and executing it? Then gives these guys a call, and throw your hat into the ring. This one sounds like a great opportunity to blend different passions that lend well to one another, and if you’re a natural leader, then this job could be perfect for you!

How to get the job? Learn more about Lionheart Games here! They actually have a number of open positions right now, so if ‘Art Director’ doesn’t sound like your speed, then think about one of the other vacancies. You need a strong portfolio, so make sure you have yours at the ready. And experience in game development will put you ahead of the pack!

5. Video Production Manager at a hip-hop record label in a town known for its legendary artists

person sitting on chair in front turned-on monitor


Image courtesy of Jesban Fabio

What’s it like? The music industry has a reputation for being tough to make it in as an artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love in a myriad of other roles too. Nowadays, a record label has a need for folks to do social media, video production, janitorial, software, and every other kind of job you can imagine. So step right up, and join the historical ATL hip-hop scene.

How to get the job? One of our favorite labels, founded right here in the ATL, is Reach Records. They’re hiring for all sorts of positions right now, and we’ve heard that it’s a really fun place to work. I mean, c’mon how could you hate going into a job like this every day?

6. Actor or production member at Atlanta’s own Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

What’s it like? One of the best dinner-shows in all of metro Atlanta (or anywhere else in our opinion) is at The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. The acting and production are top-notch, so to be a part of this team would be a dream for any thespian or big fans of the Bard. A quick search on LinkedIn shows job titles like “Fight Choreographer”, so how could this not make our list?

How to get the job? Times are crazy, but The Tavern is always holding auditions for one of its many productions. Experience is key in the theatre world, but a degree in Theatrical Studies would be a great square one.

7. AirBnB host where you can work around your own schedule and meet cool folks along the way


Image courtesy of Ronny Sison 

What’s it like? Being an AirBnB host is like regularly practicing aggressive hospitality. There’s an art to going out of your way to make sure that total strangers feel at home in your home. The best hosts curate spaces that makes people who are passing through wish that they had more time to stay. And getting to be your own boss isn’t a bad thing.

How to get the job? Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities for AirBnB, and while tourism and traveling have taken a hit during this COVID season, Atlanta is still a destination. Whether your place is ideal for a layover and a wait for an impending flight or whether it has a unique appeal that makes it a commodity in a city rich with tourist-y things to do, hosting is a great way to make a little (or a lot) extra and meet cool humans you might otherwise never connect with.

8. A 3D Printer of Houses?! If this were a contest for the most futuristic job titles, this would take the cake for sure.


Image courtesy of New Story

What’s it like? The folks at New Story are not only changing the world with their 3D printing technology—they’re also great friends of ours! For that reason, we can definitively say that they’re a ton of fun to be around. We helped them some of their employee swag and got to see first hand how they treat their team. If there’s a company that epitomizes the cross-section of innovative, fun, and for-the-social-good, look no further than New Story.

How to get the job? New Story seems to be constantly looking for the best talent for their growing business, and they have a fantastic career section on their site that gives you a glimpse into their culture and values. Call them up, and let ’em know Slingshot sent you!

9. Breaking News Writer at one of the foremost news-based media outlets in the world


Image courtesy of money.cnn.com

What’s it like? This is an opportunity to be a part of a major media outlet with national and international acclaim where you can be on the front lines of breaking stories. When you join the weekend/overnight breaking news team, you’re a part of the process by which current events and need-to-know stories are conveyed to the digital world. And you also get to say things like, ‘Oh, me? What do I do? I’m a reporter actually.” And let’s be honest. That’s super cool.

How to get the job? Experience is crucial, and a degree in journalism is a great place to start. Writing and editing need to be a strength of yours, and due to the nature of the job, you probably need to work well under pressure. But if words are your thing and you aren’t intimidated by deadlines, then you may be just who they’re looking for! There are other vacancies listed as well!

10. Vice President of Culture & Inclusion means you can help shape the atmosphere at a major marketing service. Ever heard of Mailchimp?


Image courtesy of Phil Goodwin

What’s it like? As VP of Culture and Inclusion, you would actively engage in the culture and day-to-day employee experience at a leading marketing platform. The work you do would have the potential to impact hundreds of employees and, by extension, millions of clients and customers world-wide. If you care about people, work culture, diversity, inclusion, and the process of carefully crafting an environment where people want to work, then consider this posting!

How to get the job? You need to have a strong human resources background with experiences both national and international. Technology shouldn’t intimidate you, and neither should high impact work places. Check out this listing as well as several others!

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