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Can a swag campaign drive social media engagement?

Adobe approached Slingshot because they wanted to share free gifts with customers that chose to beta test Illustrator for iPad without all of the heavy work it takes to run a swag campaign. They also wanted to allow gift recipients to share their excitement about the beta program.

Historically Adobe Illustrator purchased and gave away swag without a certainty that it had an impact other than brand awareness. Using Slingshot, Adobe Illustrator was able to see that 302 beta users claimed a free gift. Out of those individuals, 65 chose to go above and beyond by tweeting about their experience.

21.5% of people receiving the gift chose to tell others about it. Imagine if you could get that kind of conversion rate out of any other paid media or advertising.

After our conversation with the Illustrator team they were able to relax and get back to focusing on their people without feeling overwhelmed.

Breakdown of this Campaign –

1. We worked together to come up with a free giveaway campaign that focused on creating a sharable swag experience promoting the Adobe Illustrator for iPad beta release.

2. We ordered the products, took beautiful photos, and launched the campaign.

3. As individuals started claiming gifts, tweets started rolling in, further sharing the excitement around the campaign and the Illustrator for iPad beta release.

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