Y Combinator-backed Loops wanted swag that complemented their unique approach to what they do, helping companies build the most effective and beautiful email campaigns.
Do you want to see a magic trick? It’s a good one, and you won’t have to pick a card or think of a number between one and two. Okay, here’s how the trick goes. You’ve got a vision in your head. It’s persistent, and annoying, and also wonderful. And we know what that vision is. Allow us to paint a picture— with words . . . and also magic.
To celebrate the release of Adobe Premier Rush, we sent creative challenge boxes to 40 influencers and asked them to create original videos with Premier Rush and share the results.
Adobe Illustrator wanted to get the word out about their new iPad launch. Slingshot ran their swag giveaway that started a viral Twitter campaign.
Here are ten of the most fun jobs that we could find in Atlanta right now. And you want to know a secret? Most of these places are hiring!
You know the age-old story: a company hires a new fresh-faced employee, and the HR team spends time helping him or her to “learn the ropes’’ of their new workplace.

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