Adobe swag giveaway leads to viral Twitter campaign

Adobe Illustrator wanted to get the word out about their new iPad launch. Slingshot ran their swag giveaway that started a viral Twitter campaign.


Jasmine and the Adobe Illustrator team came to Slingshot because they were trying to find the easiest way to give away swag without having to do it themselves. They were over-worked with product launches, conferences, and a million other tasks. The thought of adding a swag giveaway seemed incredibly overwhelming. They wanted to reach super users that were in the beta program of Adobe Illustrator for the iPad.


On Adobe’s behalf, we sent over 302 gifts to beta users and set up a button for giveaway recipients to click on after they claimed a gift. This button would (optionally) ask them to post a tweet that would spread the word about Adobe’s new product release. 65 of the 302 chose to post the tweet. These tweets. coupled with countless retweets, likes and comments prompted Adobe’s social media manager to call up Jasmine asking where all the new traffic was coming from. Below, Gabe Bush used the #IllustratoroniPad hashtag to show his excitement for receiving a free gift from Adobe.


The Adobe Illustrator iPad campaign is just one example of how well swag campaigns can not only spread brand awareness, but actually increase engagement across different platforms. In an age when utilizing social media is a must for successful businesses, increasing and maintaining social media engagement is key.

Get some free swag and test it out!

Happy customers with extra time and empty swag closets.